Extended stay in Harrisburg
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)
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On  the  weekend  of  the  Jalsa  there  had  been  a  power  blackout  back  in Maryland and other nearby areas due to some extreme weather. We soon found out that Baitur Rahman had been affected and the electricity was down and so was the water supply.

We were scheduled to return to Baitur Rahman immediately after the conclusion of the Jalsa but due to the situation in Maryland on Sunday morning there was a sense of confusion in the air. Some people were telling us to pack our belongings as originally planned, whilst others were saying we would definitely be staying in Harrisburg rather than returning to Maryland.

Initially after having been told on Sunday morning that there was no need to pack, suddenly a few minutes before we were due to leave for Jalsa, somebody asked me where my luggage was. When I said I had not packed he told me that I had to pack my luggage and hand it in before we left for Jalsa. Apparently the power had come back on at Baitur Rahman and so we should be ready to go.

I raced back to my room and threw my belongings into my case and within five minutes I  had returned fully  packed! I  looked around to  see where other people had left their cases but realised mine was the only one!

Upon returning from the Jalsa, I was still under the impression that we were returning to Maryland after lunch. However soon it was announced that the power had gone out at Baitur Rahman again and so we would remain in Harrisburg for at least one more night.

The Qafila was scheduled to travel onwards to Canada on Tuesday and so in my mind I thought that we would probably end up staying until Tuesday, as Harrisburg was closer to Canada by about two hours than Baitur Rahman and indeed this is how it transpired.

The fact that we were now staying in a hotel for longer than expected did not mean that Hazur’s schedule was any lighter.

In fact suddenly the hotel became even more like a temporary Mission House, as hundreds of Ahmadis came over the next couple of days to have Mulaqat with Hazur.

The Jamaat was able to hire a couple of extra conference rooms which were used for Mulaqat, whilst a large board room was hired for Hazur to conduct meetings with the National Amila of the United States Jamaat.

Fajr was offered at the hotel, whilst Hazur travelled to the Hadee Mosque for other prayers. The locals of Harrisburg were truly delighted at the turn of events and many commented how it was Allah’s great blessing on them that Hazur’s visit to Harrisburg had been extended.

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