Blessings of Capitol Hill – Emotions of Ahmadis
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)
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After the Capitol Hill event, Amjad Mahmood Khan, Secretary Umur‐e‐Kharija USA said to me that it had been a life changing experience for him. He added:

“Among the most indelible incidents of the tour ‐‐ and indeed of my entire life – was the manner in which Hazur (aba)’s presence at Capitol Hill transformed an ordinary PR event into an extraordinary divine sign from Allah.

After the event, I received many emails from the guests noting that in all their years of attending events at Capitol Hill, they had never seen so many lawmakers stay for an entire event during the middle of a work day. This result was entirely due to Hazur (aba)’s guidance and prayers.

Indeed on the day of the event, several incidents happen that were completely unplanned, unexpected and unexplained and can only be seen as miracles.

First, despite all of our best efforts, we could not secure a security waiver for Hazur (aba). We were told even on the night before the event that Hazur (aba) must go through security, and no exception can ever be made (not even for the Dalai Lama or Pope). But on the morning of the event, the Sergeant‐ at‐Arms informed us that NO security would be required for Hazur (aba)’s entry ‐‐ not just for Hazur (aba) but for all of his entourage and staff.

In effect, Hazur (aba) was given “Head of State” status, which as far as I understand, has never been given to any religious leader in the history of Capitol Hill.

Second, we were informed as Hazur (aba) was walking in that U.S. Congressman Sherman had obtained permission for Hazur (aba) to enter the main House of Representatives gallery to be honoured with a floor statement.

Again, no one on our team, despite 6 months of planning, had ever even thought about asking for this honour ‐‐ it was instead bestowed upon Hazur (aba) literally as he walked in the halls of the building, and it was offered by the U.S. Congressman himself (without anyone asking him). Alhamdolillah suma Alhamdolillah.”

Mahmood Ahmad, a member of the Umur‐e‐Kharija USA team said:

“As the Gold Room began to fill up on the morning of the 27th, I realized that the turnout would dwarf even the high end of our estimate; for instance, many members of Congress who had not confirmed their attendance were present, and some of them even stood in the rear of the room.

It is my estimate that over 150 non‐Ahmadis were in attendance, even though the Gold Room only has a seating capacity of 110.

When Hazur‐e‐Aqdas rose to address the audience, it felt as though an electric current ran through the room, as many have observed.

On a personal note, when the crowd stood up in unison to welcome Hazur, I felt a distinct divine presence. In that moment, I felt immensely grateful to Allah that he allowed me to be a part, however small, of an immense historical milestone.”

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