Why is there no female prophet in the history of religions?
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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

Why is there no female prophet in the history of religions?

Yes, there are no female prophets in the history of all religions.

However, females were mothers of prophets and had the most important part in raising them as role models for society in terms of their honesty and integrity.

It were mothers who taught them all the skills of life based on spirituality of the time. Why did God not choose female prophets? One can ask God about it.

We could only understand that God granted a higher status of motherhood of prophets.

If one looks at the life histories of prophets, it is clear that the responsibilities of delivering the message, leading the believers in trials and tribulations, and handling other matters would have been hard for females especially when they have the responsibility of raising the families.

It is interesting to note that the knowledge given to prophet Muhammad(sa) was transmitted mostly through females, his wives because they were the closest observant of his character and life.

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