Why do Muslim women wear overcoats in hot weather?
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Why do Muslim women wear overcoats in hot weather?

Women are expected to dress modestly in clothes that do not reveal the shape of their bodies to men. The loose coat or jilbaab covers the woman’s body and hides the shape of her body from onlookers. The veil and a loose outer clothing protects a women and inculcates modesty in her.

An ‘overcoat’, or outer garment, does not have to be made of heavy fabric. There are many light fabrics that can be used for the summer months. It is seen that many men in the West continue to wear suits during the hot weather, so Muslim women can also be seen wearing loose ‘overcoats’ in hot weather as well. The overcoat, or outer garment, is a sign of modesty. It is in no way a hindrance and it certainly does not have to be heavy.

So, come rain or shine a Muslim woman keeps her body under wraps so as to protect her modesty.

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