What are the six articles of faith in Islam?
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What are the six articles of faith in Islam?

Islam helps us develop a close relationship with Allah by first telling us what to believe in (the 6 Articles of Faith) and then explaining how to implement these beliefs in our lives (the 5 Pillars of Islam). Muslims believe in the following six Articles of Faith.

  1. To believe in the Oneness of God: The word Allah used in Islam in the personal name of God and literally means The One.
  2. To believe in the Angels. Allah created the angels so that they could worship Him and follow His orders. These angels, with Allah’s command, maintain and control the whole universe. Angels can also be understood as human beings with all attributes of perfect spirituality.
  3. To believe in the Books of Allah: Muslims believe that Allah revealed His laws in stages to mankind through His prophets, and therefore accept the Torah of Moses (peace be upon them), the Psalms of David (pbuh) and the Gospel of Jesus (pbuh) as Holy books, as well as the sacred scriptures of all other messengers of Allah. However, Muslims believe that all such revelations were limited to a specific time and people and are not preserved in their original purity, but subject to distortions. All the Holy Scriptures culminated in, and were perfected in, the Holy Quran (just as all religions were perfected in Islam).
  4. To believe in all the Prophets: The Prophets of Allah are chosen from among human beings. They set the best examples of moral and spiritual conduct. They lead mankind to Allah by conveying the Divine revelation and also by their own example of purity and righteousness. Muhammad (pbuh) is the chief of the Prophets, and he brought perfect guidance for us from Allah. He came as a blessing for mankind.
  5. To believe in the Day of Judgment: One of the most emphasized beliefs in the Holy Quran is the belief in the Day of Judgment. Islam teaches that physical death is not the end of man’s existence, rather it is the door to a higher form of life which can bring one closer to Allah, depending on one’s deeds in this life. According to the Holy Quran, on the Day of Judgment this entire universe will come to an end, and the dead will be resurrected. Their deeds will be judged and they will be rewarded accordingly. Those with good records will merit Heaven, while those with bad deeds will be punished in Hell. This belief provides a powerful accountability tool in this life as well, meaning that ultimately the accountability for our actions and deeds is with Allah, the Almighty in the hereafter.
  6. To believe in the Divine Decree: Divine Decree means the Will of Allah. Muslims believe that Divine Decree controls the eventual outcome of all actions in this universe. It is the law or measure of a thing with regard to its growth and development. In the Holy Quran, the term is explained as a universal law of Allah which is working through the whole of creation, extending throughout the universe. Within the boundaries of Divine Decree, man is given free will.
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