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Dr. Nasim Rehmatullah

Incharge Alislam.org / Naib Amir USA

Dr. Nasim Rehmatullah is the son of the late Sheikh Rehmatullah sahib (Amir Jama’at Karachi) and the late Asghari Begum sahiba. He came to USA in 1975 and trained to be an orthopaedic surgeon. He is in private practice in Conneaut, Ohio USA since 1981. He lives in Conneaut, Ohio with his wife. He has three daughters

He has served under the four Amir of USA. The late Sheikh Mubarik Ahmad sahib, the late M M Ahmad sahib, Dr. Ahsanullah Zafar sahib and Dr. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad sahib. He serves and has served the Jama’at USA as follows

  • President Cleveland Jama’at 1987 through June 2019.
  • Served as additional Secretary Finance 1993 through 1996 with assignment to double the USA income budget which was 2 million dollars in 1993.
  • Served as President Ahmadiyya Medical Association USA 1993 through 2003. Baitur Rahman Mosque was primarily built and completed by contributions of physicians of the Ahmadiyya Medical Association USA in 1994
  • Serves as National Secretary Sami Basri and MTA USA from 1995 to present
  • Serves as Chairman Alislam Website 1995 to present
  • Served as Incharge Media Team USA 2008 through 2018
  • Serves as Naib Amir USA 2003 through present
  • He has also worked with Wakalat Tasneef in UK and translated into English some of the lectures and speeches of Khalifatul Masih IV
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