How does the Islamic concept of God differ from other religions?
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How does the Islamic concept of God differ from other religions?

The Islamic concept of God is distinct from other faiths as it is a strongly monotheistic religion with the worship of One God as its central theme. Islam presents its unity in a straightforward, unambiguous and comprehensible manner.

According to Islamic teachings, God is neither born of anyone nor gives birth to anyone and compromise is not permitted in the Unity of God – neither in worship nor in belief. He is called a Living God who loves His creation and listens to their supplications. None of His attributes have been suspended. He therefore communicates with mankind as before and has not barred the avenues to reach Him directly. As such, Muslims can maintain a direct relationship with their Lord and, therefore, all intermediaries are forbidden.

Islam holds that there is no contradiction between God’s word and His deed. It, thus, frees us from the traditional rivalry between science and religion, and does not require man to believe in anything beyond the laws of nature determined by Him. Islam offers far greater insight into the various attributes of God and man’s relationship with his Lord than any other faith.

SourceSome Distinctive Features of Islam

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