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Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

Aims card guidelines

The following is important information regarding the aims cards.

  • The validity period for the card is 5 years, then the affected member must renew the card by submitting a new photo. This is free of charge. Photo only applies to members over the age of 7 and over.-
  • If the member accidentally loses the card within the validation period, there is a fee of 100SEK. This is paid under the ” local fund ”. The receipt of payment is emailed to then a new card will be issued.


  • Photo Size should be at least 800kb
  • Age from 7 and above. (younger than 7 does not need a picture)
  • Background should be White.
  • Filename should be AimsNumber.jpg i.e. 1011.jpg

All photos should be facing forward and looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression and closed mouth, without a red eye. If the applicant uses glasses (for eyesight only) it is recommended to have them also in the photo. Women should have their head covered as seen in the sample pictures below. Men if they want can have a decent cap on their head. Photos should be in their natural condition i.e. must not be enhanced or modified by any photo editing program.

Photos of females are sent to Responsible: Maliha Cheema sahiba tel 073-724 01 10

Photos of male are sent to Responsible: Abdul Jabbar sb 0737-381381