Sweden Ansar Mulaqat
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

On Saturday, 26 January 2019, Majlis Ansarullah travelled from Sweden for a mulaqat with Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah strengthen his hand, to seek guidance on various matters.

Whilst speaking to Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Sweden, Naseer Ahmad Waseem Sahib, he told us that the main purpose behind this mulaqat was for the benefit of members of Ansarullah.

“We had the good fortune of visiting last year and all members said that they would return after a year.”

The mulaqat started with silent prayer led by Huzoor(aa), after which Huzoor(aa) then turned to the Ansar and, starting from the right, enquired from each person of their respective roles and the tasks they were assigned. Huzoor(aa) further enquired about the details of plans, targets and achievements.

During the mulaqat, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih(aa) emphasised the importance of offering Salat in congregation and urged all the Ansar that they should make great efforts in going and calling others to the mosque for Salat.

Huzoor(aa) further stated that a new ambitious plan and guideline should be made for the Ansar to further increase their level of work.

Huzoor(aa) turned to the department of tarbiyat and asked what programmes they had made. They said that a 3-month plan was made for various activities. Huzoor(aa) then stated,

“First a complete yearly plan should be made, and certain tasks should be set for you to achieve.” 

Towards the end of the mulaqat, Huzoor(aa) stated that those who were free should spend their day doing tabligh and distributing leaflets to further clear the misconceptions and false notions people had regarding Islam.

The mulaqat concluded with a group photo.

Naseer Ahmad Waseem Sahib, President of Majlis Ansarullah Sweden told Al Hakam,

“Following the mulaqat, we sat down together and unanimously felt a significant change within ourselves. Members of the amila were also part of this trip and Huzoor(aa)gave the amila members specific instructions and guidelines. This, in turn, will be a means of improving their standard of service.

“Some of the office bearers were embarrassed that they had not been performing their duties in a satisfactory manner. But now that they have felt a change within them having met Huzoor(aa), they will work with a new zeal and fervour.”

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