Why do other Muslims say that Ahmadis are non-Muslims?
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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

Why do other Muslims say that Ahmadis are non-Muslims?

This is an unfortunate fact where many of the Muslim clergy issue edicts declaring other Muslims as non-Muslims.

Fundamentally in Islam, this right has not been given to any human being to declare others as non-Muslims. Religion is a personal matter and between the person and God and that is how the accountability is going to take place.

It appears that by declaring others as non-Muslims, such people want to create a sort of hatred in the minds of Muslims so that they are not interacted with. They think by declaring Ahmadi Muslims as non-Muslims they can be isolated and their message would not be heard. It is interesting to point out that Muslim clergy have not agreed on one definition of, who is a Muslim.

Not all Muslims say that Ahmadis are non-Muslims however. According to the Pew Research Forum, 40% of the citizens of Bangladesh – a Muslim country – consider Ahmadis to be Muslims.

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