What are the main ritual objects that are used in prayer services?
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What are the main ritual objects that are used in prayer services?

There are no ritual objects used within Islamic services since Muslims believe that this would take away from the purpose of prayer, which is to communicate and have a personal relationship with God.

All that is needed to perform the Islamic prayer is a clean area and the worshipper to make her/ himself ready for prayer by following specific ablution/washing steps.

When worshippers enter the prayer hall of a mosque they must take off their shoes since the Muslim prayer involves many prostrations such as bending, kneeling and placing ones forehead on the floor (usually carpeted area). Therefore, the prayer place should be clean.

A mosque is a simple building; walls are usually bare with no statues, pictures, memorial tablets or relics of saints. The services are free from all artistic and emotional distractions; no music or singing; no lighting of candles or reserved seating. The only decoration which you might see in a mosque is patterns of Quranic verses.

Often, Muslim families will have a number of articles related to their faith in their homes. For example, a prayer rug, which is used for performing the 5 daily prayers. There could be Quranic verses in a picture, hand carved or painted medium. Within most Ahmadi Muslim homes, pictures of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) and of his five successors (khalifa’s) will be found since the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is lead by a system of Khilafat.

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