Women of Ahmadiyya Community Join hands to help safeguard against the deadly Coronavirus

The Corona virus, which began from the Chinese city of “Wuhan” is becoming more deadly with time. So far, nearly 80,000 patients have been reported as infected with the virus and the death toll has reached close to a figure of 2,500.

Governments, doctors and welfare organizations from different countries of the world, including China and Japan, are engaged in service of Mankind at their respective levels.

Infected Countries and areas are in dire need of medical help and protective Masks to stay safe from the virus. Japan has also been facing shortage of protective masks for the past few weeks and sales of protective masks have been stopped in most places due to non-availability.

Coming to the rescue and shouldering the responsibility to help fellow humans, Women of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Japan are preparing handmade masks for the people living in areas infected with the Corona virus. These masks are being sent to China by Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Japan.

Ahmaddiya Muslim Association Japan has announced through its website and Facebook page that elderly people who are most vulnerable to this disease can contact Masjid Bait al-Ahad Japan and get a mask.