What is the Islamic belief regarding Jesus Christ?
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What is the Islamic belief regarding Jesus Christ?

The religion of Islam requires belief in not only the Prophethood of Muhammad(sa), but all the prophets of God, including Jesus(as) (The Holy Quran 2:137). The Holy Qur’an details the story of Jesus, including his birth, mission as a Prophet to the Israelites, and his crucifixion.

In Islam, Mary is described as a pious and righteous woman, and affirms the fatherless birth of Jesus. It also rejects outright the opposing claim that his birth was illegitimate. However, although Islam recognizes the virgin birth of Jesus as a miracle, it doesn’t consider it unnatural. This is because Islamic belief dictates that laws of nature are never broken. Furthermore, the immaculate conception of Jesus is not interpreted to mean that he was in some way a Divine Being. He was still a human being, (Holy Qur’an 19:31) who believed in the absolute Unity and Indivisibility of God (Qur’an 3:52).

Muslims believe that Jesus was undoubtedly called the son of God, but this title has only been employed metaphorically and in fact is used for all the chosen ones of God. Jesus prayed to God like all other God-fearing individuals, and engaged in spiritual exercises such as fasting. Furthermore, he lacked knowledge of the future, as only the Divine Being possesses perfect and complete knowledge. According to Ahmadiyya Muslim beliefs understood from The Holy Quran, Jesus (peace be on him) survived the crucifixion, travelled to preach the lost tribes of Israel and lived to an old age and was given permanent abode in a valley of rivers which we believe is Kashmir in India.

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