Spiritual Power
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

It is unwise to exult in having the knowledge of secular sciences. Your strength should lie in the spiritual affairs. God the Almighty has not said that He taught science or philosophy of logic – and through these branches of knowledge He vouchsafed His succour. What He says is that …. that is to say that He helped them with His spirit. The companions of the Holy Prophet, sallallaho alaihi wa sallam, were illiterate – their Prophet (Our Chief Master Muhammad sallallaho alaihi wa sallam) was also illiterate. But the wisdom that they dished out to the world could not be thought of even by the greatest of the scholars; they were helped by God. So far as Taqwa (fear of God), purity and piety are concerned they help the man inwardly. The weapons of the secular knowledge are very weak. It is quite possible that the opponent may possess much stronger weapons, whereas the weapon that you need should be such as can give you superiority over the opponents. The weapons that you really need and that can give you superiority over others constitute of a real change in your lives, the sanctity of the heart and purification. He who is suffering from cataract can not heal others of this disease. Even if what spiritually enlightened person says is rejected in the beginning, it does produce some good effect eventually. A poet says: Whatever comes out from the core of one’s heart, goes down deep in the other heart (that is to say, that if something is said with all the sincerity at one’s command, it does produce a very good effect on the hearer). The Mystics say that he who does not shed tears for the fear of God for forty days is very much likely to die a faithless person. But there are people who not only for forty days even for forty years do not heed this aspect of their life. Wise is the person who safe guards himself before the calamity befalls him. When the calamity has actually overtaken the person then there is no science or wealth or friend who can help him avert it. The friends show their friendliness only upto the time that a man is hale and hearty. When he loses his health (because of sickness of old age) none is there even to help him with the water. There are a lot calamities that can afflict a man. The Holy Prophet, sallallaho alaihi wa sallam, has exhorted the people to waste no time in asking for forgiveness of their sins. The calamities that can afflict the man are so large in number as if they are even larger in number than the ants which surround him. The people who are close to God are saved from these calamities in a way that the others are not. Relationship (Communion with God) is vitally important, There is none in the whole world who has no share of the calamities. The Holy Quran says …. (Verily where there are hardships, there are matters of ease as well).

One should never lose hope. God can change the circumstances in no time. You should make good use of the days of peace and health. He who turns to God during the days of peace or health he is helped by God at the time of adversity and ill health. To repent with a sincere heart is like being in a castle and nobody can attack him from out side.

(Malfoozat vol. 10, pg. 380)

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