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Lecture Sialkot

This also is an address delivered by Hadhrat Ahmad (as) on 2nd November at Sialkot and is generally known as Lecture Sialkot (i. e. the Lecture that was delivered at Sialkot).

In this lecture also Hadhrat Ahmad(as) has compared. the teachings of Islam with the teachings of other religions. He says that this fact cannot be doubted that all the religions were originally from God and, therefore, true but since the advent of Islam, God has stopped looking after those religions; it is Islam now that has a chain of Mujaddids (those who revive the religion). It is in this Lecture that he first claims to be Krishna for the Hindus. As for Krishna, he says: `Raja Krishna, as it has been made manifest to me, was such a perfect man that the like of him cannot be found in the history of the godly people in the Hindu religion; he was a prophet of his time on whom the Holy Ghost used to descend by the command of God.’

Hadhrat Ahmad (as) also draws the attention of the Hindus to some of the errors into which they had fallen and at the end of the book cites the proofs of the truth of his claim and mentions his prophecies, which he had made in very difficult terms, but all of them had seen fulfillment.